Singers Helping Singers: Helping MCA to support National Youth Choir

National Youth Choir 

The National Youth Choir of Canada (NYC) is a biennial project of Choral Canada formed of auditioned singers between the ages of 18 and 25 across the country. Its mandate is to provide a professional training opportunity for Canada’s young choral community by:

  • bringing together a quartet of singers between the ages of 18 and 25 years from each province
  • inviting renowned Canadian choral conductors to lead each session
  • providing training and rehearsals which culminate in performances including a gala concert at Podium: The Canadian National Choral Convention, and a tour in the host province

The 2018 recipients were Katharina Unruh (soprano), Erika Rasmussen (alto), and Charlie Carrier (bass). For a full list of participants through the years, visit The next auditions will be held in the fall of 2019 for NYC 2020 in Montreal, Quebec.

We Need Your Help

The Manitoba Choral Association is committed to providing funding for up to four singers each year. The Singers Helping Singers initiative invites choirs with potential participants to consider passing the hat at one concert this year in support of National Youth Choir singers. If you are able to support us in this venture, please let our office know. We are encouraging participating choirs to invite an NYC past participant to speak briefly at the concert about their experience and explain the event to audience members. A representative of MCA may also be able to attend. It is a great way of spreading the word about the program and encouraging potential singers to audition.

Thank you to Ecco Chamber Choir who have already passed the hat at their first concert of the season and to University of Manitoba Choirs for committing to passing the hat at their spring 2019 concert. We hope you are able to join us in this initiative.


Catherine Robbins
President, Manitoba Choral Association

Robert Neufeld
Executive Director
Manitoba Choral Association
(204) 942-6037

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