Joanne Schweitzer (alto)

I joined Spirit’s Call Choir shortly after finishing treatment for a second round of breast cancer.

Part of my journey with cancer was figuring out how I wanted to use my time, because I had this forced realization that I might not get as much time as I want to have. One of the things I knew I loved to do (but had not done for years) was to sing. I had enjoyed singing in choirs as a child and teenager. But it had been so many years that not only was I actually quite rusty (well, really rusty if truth be told!), but I had pretty well decided that I wouldn’t find any sort of choir I would enjoy.

However, a friend suggested I come along to Spirit’s Call Choir. My experience in the choir has been wonderful! The atmosphere is both joyful and peaceful, the music and the sound are healing. The warmth and encouragement from choir members and from our directors has helped me to build confidence and has allowed me to truly enjoy singing in harmony again.

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