Brian Migie (tenor)

I sent the YouTube clips of our concert to friends and family as a ‘singing’ Christmas card. My friend who is a gifted musician and singer, who leads 2 of the most popular bands in Edmonton (soft rock and country) responded:

Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are good! To get that many people singing in harmony is fantastic. Wow!

I replied back:

Thanks for noticing! This is all the more remarkable, given that many of the members of Spirit’s Call Choir either have been told or believed that they couldn’t sing. We’ve been blessed by remarkable directors, who teach us lots.

At one concert, a gifted musician with perfect pitch who is an excellent judge of sound told us that he’d never heard a choir maintain the ‘pitch’ throughout a concert as well as we did.

On a personal note, I’ve always struggled to hit notes. (My daughter used to turn up the volume on the radio as soon as I would start singing in the car.)

But confirmation that Spirits Call Choir had done its job came at Norm’s dad’s memorial. You remember his mom was a singer. We gathered round the piano, and sang ALL NIGHT LONG! The gift for me was that at the end, they all thanked me for coming, and said what beautiful harmonies I sang.

Thank YOU, Spirit’s Call

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