Hearing Loss Program

I am loving the choir as always, but it’s difficult at times following along because of the darn hearing loss… and there must be others with similar challenges.
Here is something that might make things better, easier for all of us.

Please let others know about this program.

** Important message from Gladys Nielsen on the board of the Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association for any/all of us dealing with the day-to-day challenges of living with a hearing loss.**

“We have been involved with the SMD for many years in the “Living with Hearing Loss” classes. Interested people are invited to come out to observe a class free before signing up for the course. Evening classes reduce parking issues. Basic speech reading is introduced helping identify the following spoken ‘sounds’ … p,b, m, f, v, ph, w, wh, r, l, th, sh and ch. Coping strategies are introduced for telephone use and communicating with family and friends. The course reinforces the need to tell others about a hearing loss while asking for help with no need to apologize.”

Thursday evenings starting Oct. 2 @6:30 p.m.

Hearing Loss Program

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