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Even though there is a copy of the music listed under “Print” in the “Current repertoire” please DO NOT PRINT as the choir will be providing a full score copy for your use this season for all but three of the songs. The three exceptions are “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, “The Lonely Goatherd” and “So Long, Farewell”. For these we paid for 150 digital copies so please print copies of these three only. Bonnie will make copies available for those who can’t print.

If you want to mark up a copy, then you may make a copy for this purpose however you must agree to destroy that copy when the season is over so that we do not have extra copies floating around that have not been paid for.

We would also ask that at the end of the season, if you do not plan to return for the following season that you return the music so that we can use it again.

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  1. Just looked at our music for this upcoming choir session and it is an amazing selection of songs. Looking forward to see everyone in September and singing with joy.

    Audrey McBride-Christle

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