Mabel Somerville’s 99th Birthday Party!

You are invited to come on Saturday May 14th (the day my Mom’s future will begin) to Mabel Somerville’s 99th Birthday Party at St Mark’s Lutheran Church at the corner of Corydon and Cambridge.

2-3pm  – We are having an incredibly fun Decorating Party with music.

3-5pm – An old fashion “Come and Go Tea” with music but we prefer that you come and stay.

5pm – Magic Show – extraordinaire for young and old and all in between.

5:30pm – A sit down feast – please bring your favorite dish for our pot luck supper.

Music. Story Telling. Jokes. Dancing. Reminiscing.  Fun & Frolic till 9pm.

Bring friends, young or old, to enjoy fun, food and fine home-made music. Bring your musical instruments and voices.

For more info – Sandra Somerville  204-930-9202

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  1. Hi Sandra, I am part of the Alto section and I have my 8 year old grandson that day and would love to come help you celebrate your Mom’s 99th birthday. It is so nice to see her part of our choir every sunday.

    Brenda Soares

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