Choir Code of Conduct

From the Choir Guidebook section 3:

a) Choir Environment
Margaret’s Choir is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all who want to sing, whatever their experience. The choir relies on all choir members to contribute to this atmosphere of positive acceptance, in both singing and social activities. Essential aspects of choir culture include creating a climate of safety for individual vocal expression and discovery, facilitating group cohesion and conveying musical knowledge in a way that is accepting, encouraging, empowering and joyful.

Through membership in Margaret’s Choir, members each have the opportunity to give and receive a very special experience that is embedded in the mission and values and reflected in the everyday act of singing together, in harmony, with positive intention, shared vulnerability and respect. Each member has the right to that experience, and is encouraged to also undertake the responsibility of contributing to it.

b) Member Respect
Choir members are responsible to act in a manner that respects the personal rights of other choir members, audience members and those directing the choir. Members are encouraged to contact a member of the Dream Team should they have any difficulty feeling respected and supported in their singing.

c) Conduct Review
A member may be asked to leave if he or she blatantly displays behaviours inconsistent with the Code of Conduct. Membership rights are only removed following both a discussion and a consensus decision by the Dream Team.

d) Reasonable Accommodation
The choir acknowledges the following obligations:

  • To ensure that there is reasonable accommodation of the disability needs of all members, where those needs are based on demonstrated medical conditions,
  • To assist individuals as needed in the mediation of any situation where the accommodation of one member’s needs comes into competition with the needs of others.