Quotes About Spirit’s Call Choir

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I have a suggestion for Getting on My Nerves and his wife. She can sing and mimic all kinds of sounds (from car sounds to embarrassing body Continue Reading →

Brian Migie (tenor)

I sent the YouTube clips of our concert to friends and family as a ‘singing’ Christmas card. My friend who is a gifted musician and singer, who leads 2 of Continue Reading →

Joanne Schweitzer (alto)

I joined Spirit’s Call Choir shortly after finishing treatment for a second round of breast cancer. Part of my journey with cancer was figuring out how I wanted to use Continue Reading →

Dorcas Wehner (alto)

“Having sung with pleasure as a child I allowed my singing voice to go mostly silent in public after a discouraging comment in school. After many years of not being Continue Reading →

John Buchanan (bass)

“I had sung in the bathtub in my early years but any remnants of a singing voice, or so I believed, had disappeared over the next fifty plus years. I Continue Reading →

Carole Runions (alto)

“Spirit’s Call Choir is about harmony at all levels…and this cannot help but result in personal growth. One of the most exciting things about being in this community of singers Continue Reading →

Keith Garvie (tenor)

“Spirit’s Call Choir is a real opportunity for me – a person who has spent most of 73 years being certain that, while being fond of music, I could not Continue Reading →

Elaine Bishop (alto)

“Singing with Spirit’s Call Choir really is a delight, and a model of ways that the world could move forward in harmony. Michael chatting with us about our experience during Continue Reading →

Pat Holden (alto)

“I hear strength in my singing/speaking voice that I never dreamed was possible. Spirit’s Call Choir is a place where everyone’s voice can soar.”

Clark Kenyon (tenor)

“The new and experienced voices in Spirit’s Call Choir together create a sound that washes around and through me in a way that’s hard to describe. When the choir is Continue Reading →

Margaret Tobin (soprano), Spirit’s Call Choir Program Director

“Spirit’s Call Choir’s vision is that singing is the birthright of everyone. This unique choir offers a supportive environment for remembering, reclaiming and celebrating the spirit and voice of one Continue Reading →