A member needs a home for her cat before September 15

Your help is urgently needed! One of our ‘family’ Sheila B. is dealing with a sudden move into a place which will not permit her to bring her very precious 15 year old feline companion Dipster with her. Dipster is part Siamese and part Maine Coon. Shelia is desperately seeking a temporary foster arrangement for him in order buy time to find something permanent. Sheila must move by September 1 and Dipster is currently being boarded at Cats Cradle Boarding Kennel (www.catscradlekennel.ca) till September 15. If you are interesting in seeing Dipster please contact Wendy at Cats Cradle boarding@catscradlekennel.ca. Wendy like me does not want to see Dipster euthanized.
Please put on your networking thinking caps… reach out to anyone who might be available, either temporarily or indefinitely. 
For now, use Margaret’s Choir Facebook page for more information and to respond.

After Sept 5 you may contact Sheila at (h) 204-253-9090 or (c) 204-299-667 or sbrad@mymts.net

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