Status4 is a perfect fit for Spirit’s Call Choir’s support. Status4 encourages inner city kids to “Be Yourself and Free Yourself” by giving them free opportunities for music and the arts and a safe place to be and belong.

Status4 & Spirit’s Call Choir have a similar vision welcoming everyone and supporting each person to find voice, confidence, harmony & community through singing. Spirit’s Call Choir sang in support of this remarkable grassroots organization in May 2013 and for the first time ever performed with guests from the benefitting organization! Thus the title “Voices in Common.” The concert was held in the neighbourhood where Status 4 was born – & where the kids and families who come to Status4 live and go to school.

Status4 founder Constable Kevin Gibson was named “Top Cop” in the city of Winnipeg Police Department by the Kiwanis Club of Winnipeg in 2012. “Kevin” – as he is known to the kids – patrolled the East District of the city for the bulk of his 25 years of service in law enforcement. He earned this high honour for the way his love of music and dedication to the community combined to result in the creation of Status4.

To Winnipeg’s emergency responders “Status4″ means “on the scene”! Kevin has certainly been “on the scene” in seeing a need and providing a creative solution.

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