Information for New Members

  1. Margaret’s Choir welcomes all who wish to sing with us. Season fee is $80, but we offer those on very limited income the option to pay what you can afford, no questions asked. Please just indicate to the registration person that this is your full amount. In keeping with that we thank those who are willing to pay more than their $80 to subsidize others who cannot.

  2. If you are coming to try us out that is fine for one rehearsal. I must warn you though that our membership fills quickly to the max of 223 people.

  3. Once registered & paid, all singers will receive a package of the full repertoire & will be allowed on the member’s part of the website. We will contact you & set you up. As a new member you will receive a black binder for your music.

  4. There will be an orientation for new members at 2pm. Please come register at 1:30pm. There will be two members at the door to greet you as you come in & direct you to registration & to where the orientation will take place. Please do not worry about which section you should be in. Guess high or low voices for most females(Soprano or Alto). Males are generally in Tenor or Bass sections. Vanessa our Artistic Director will do some exercises with the choir as a whole which will help you determine where you fit. Vanessa is available at break time if you still are unsure.

  5. We are a scent free choir. Please honour this for the comfort & safety of all our singers.

  6. Returning members are willing to support you as a new member. It is in your best interest to sit with people who know the ropes. We recognize & respect some may feel more comfortable sitting alone.

  7. Bring your own bottle of water.

Len Greenwood for Margaret’s Choir